Saturday, July 30, 2011

Wanna 2 know somethin' abt Me :)

The first blog post is always the hardest, isn’t it? You start setting out, all excited, and mostly write into this big vacuum. At most, your closest friends know about your blog, if at all, and so it’s all about writing into the void, trying to find your own voice. At least, that’s what it was for me.
Hey, this is my BLOG and I don't have anything to write about, so I thought Why don’t I write about myself, after all BLOG needs to Updated, Right!?

•..•… ħï gy gяl…•..•

I hαvє 2 writє αßt mysєlf !

i'm ßαsi¢αlly α ¢σσl guY & i'm pUr§uiNg ß.s¢.IT.
I hαvє mαny ßαđ quαlities rαthєr thαn gσσđ quαlitiєs i αm
єxtrєmєly mσσđy,
shσrt tєmρєrєđ єgσisti¢,
rαw αttituđє,
νєяy ¢øмթlï¢тє∂,
αм υиiqυє.

"I bєliєvє iи тнє cяєαтσя..αиd иσт iи тнє cяєαтєd."

ï м νєяy ƒя∂ly. т ï тяïє∂ тø ¢ħคภgє м єlƒ. ï’ll єjøy мy lyƒ ï∂ ƒll øƒ ڷoy. ï м t ттïνє guy т ï м lø т øяïg.. ï ฬคภт รยм ƒя ħø ยภ∂єятคภ∂ мє. ยภ rยภ ฬเ∂ α crΘш∂. gΘħ м Θฬภ ฬค..k дħ סּw rﭢ╜s ħ ƒяє ħ ƒмℓy я ∂ σт мթ.4 єħ c ∂σ єтเภ 4 'єற.

            Last but not the least have a look at this short poem to know about ME!

I don’t like to do different things but,
I like to do things in different ways
that's my style and
I like to preserve it.

I don't walk as if i rule the world but,
walk as if I don't care who rule the world,
that’s my attitude and
I like to swing it.

I don’t behave like others but,
I like to make others behave like me,
that’s my passion and
I like to construct it.

I don’t hate my enemies but,
I like to be with them forever,
that’s my game and
I like to gamble with it.